Rebecca Mapston | About
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Rebecca Mapston – For Montana House District 94 (R)

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Joyce Meyer

Courage is one of our greatest character traits! Sometimes God
calls upon us to move in courage even when everything tells you to just



Growing up on a ranch as part of the Christensen Brothers Rodeo Company instilled a deep appreciation for my heritage and family values – those are life lessons that guide me daily as I work to help people navigate the system for home ownership, land stewardship, and the ability to provide for their families.


I have a degree in Business and Accounting, and that background has given me and understanding on how to provide for my family and yours. I’m a mortgage underwriter and I’ve been working in the industry for over 20 years, including navigating many families through the last financial crisis.  I have assisted thousands of homeowners stay in their  home who were on the brink of foreclosure. I hold my mortgage originators license in two states, and I am the Branch Manager for Pacific Mortgage Center in Missoula. I also holds my  Master Certification with the Dave Ramsey Financial Institute.  I served as Superintendent of the Spokane County Interstate Rodeo. I am capable of taking an opportunity that is stagnant and growing it into something self-sustaining and profitable.


In addition to my management experience, I also am an entrepreneur.  I created, own and operate CB Promotions. A Marketing and Media platform used to promote Heritage and the Western Way of Life.  I hold two certifications from Sports Management Worldwide in Sports Broadcasting as well as Sports Media and Communications. I have produced two podcast/internet, radio  shows, cohosted a third, as well created a YouTube miniseries called “Come To The Table w/ the CB Cowgirls” a faith based western series about life lessons in the western world.


I was the lead sideline reporter on the media team for the PRCA Columbia River Circuit, interviewing and telling the stories of cowboys and cowgirls actively competing in Professional Rodeo. My interviews have been used and highlighted on Western Sports Round Up, The Cowboy Channel, and RFD-TV.


I was proud to serve as Mrs. Montana America in 2018, where I promoted the importance of heritage across generational lines and our great Montana values. I also have been the Spokesperson for Domestic Violence being a part of DV Speakers Bureau, and The Spokesperson for The WIN Foundation in the Pacific Northwest, FoRe! International, and The Pledge Campaign against Domestic Violence. As a titleholder, you learn to carry a servant’s heart wherever you go for whomever you represent under the sash and crown you wear. That is the true meaning of being in politics, servanthood. It teaches you to step out of your comfort zone and into new territory for the betterment of your cause.


In addition, I have spent 8 years listening to those who have gone before me in the western world and have told their stories through social media platforms, podcasts, and television. Why is this important? I am a good listener. I am here to represent you.