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Rebecca Mapston – For Montana House District 94 (R)

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Joyce Meyer


Courage is one of our greatest character traits! Sometimes God
calls upon us to move in courage even when everything tells you to just “stand


After a year of prayerful consideration and with the support of my husband, kids, and family, I have exciting news!

I have decided to follow my dad Bobby Christensen Jr. & Uncle Bud O’Shieles lead and throw my hat in the political ring!

We are in some serious troubled times and we need every conservative voice to stand up for our freedoms, liberties, and to save our heritage! I am taking a stand!

I have officially registered and been approved. As of TODAY I am the Republican Candidate for Missoula County House District 94! I will be running for a seat at the Montana State Legislature in  Helena for 2022!

I have never been more sure of where God is calling me to be in such a time as this! I’m excited! I have a long year ahead! I am starting my campaign now and I can accept donations of any  minimum amount up to $400 for my campaign from anyone and everyone!

I am asking and will be continuing to ask all for your support! Montana is a Red State! We want to keep it that way and help the people of my district (rural communities including Huson/Frenchtown/Evaro/Arlee/ & outskirts of Missoula) have the best representation in Helena to fight for the things that matter most to them!

It also is a collaboration with all of you in other states fighting for the same thing. We are ONE Voice in many districts! Together we WILL prevail!

Thank you in advance to all of you who have reached out and showered me with encouragement, and offering help!

It will take a village and I don’t know the outcome. All I know is this is a journey I intend to follow through until God moves me.

Love & Blessings,